Rest In Pieces

A poem in response to the 20 unarmed African American men and woman, murdered by police. 

This poem is not a means to argument. It is not a platform for any group. It is, as most poetry is, a means of expression. Thank you


Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace

Rest in Pieces of my mind

Since my thoughts have been shattered

With the increase of crime

Black sons, Black daughters, Black Husbands

In murder do they part

All now becoming pieces of poor black art

We have never been their equal

My black family and I

Though the law says yes, the law is often a lie

So we all die

And Black mothers cry

And Black Brothers fight

And White Men deny

And Black hoods pry

And Black church’s pray

Until they’re shot up

But Black Pride still stays

All media says no

But provide no proof

We cry justice on death ears

Our voices rising to the roofs

So My brothers, My sisters, Here this cry

Scream for justice on your last sigh

Because still we die


© Copyright 2017


Now what do you see?

A creative poem on how people view me

Now what do you see

When it comes to color, do you see what is ?

or do you only see what you think you know?

Do you categorize in broad strokes like the ethnicity check marks on an application?

Or do you let the potential of mixes into consideration?

In these years now, really no one is all that different…. Genetically speaking at least

I am “mixed’… but if I were to define myself on that paper I wouldn’t choose ‘other’

I am Black, I am African American, I am Afro American, I am Creole, I am Indian

Now what do you see?

When I say that

That I’m any kind of black

automatic thoughts go to:

How loud I am right now,

Is my hair real or do I “got weave”

She must eat cornbread and collard greens for all that ass

Right ?

Well let me tell you about me

Let me tell you of my “why’s” that are not because of my what or my who

I am loud because my voice is strong,

I speak with clarity, determination, expressive vocalization, and because my mama taught me so

Now what do you see?

My hair is real

every curl,

every twist

every strand

It is thick, it is rich, it is mine

This black hair requires the most care

My wash day is all day

And when that’s done, I’m done with it

I cannot and will not keep it straight.  Not to conform,

not to please,

not to be the norm

Do you know how much work that is?

I won’t struggle like that for anyone.

Now what do you see?

No, I do not eat cornbread and collard greens for all this ass

I don’t even like corn bread,

nor do I like watermelon,

or kool-aid,

and I can’t eat spicy food

or hot sauce for the life of me

No pigs feet, no chittlins’, no gumbo

It’s deep rooted in my genes for my jeans to be curvy and wide hipped

Now what do you see?

My friends always joke that I’ve had my black card revoked,

but I didn’t care to have one in the first place

Since I don’t fit the all of stereotypes of a black person,

now what am I?

Now what do you see?

Are you taking in only what your eyes see?

Have you put me in a box?

Or do you see me?

Strong, beautiful, proud, determined, powerful, intellectual, expressive, vocal

Tell me, now what do you see?

An Old Soul’d Millennial – 2018

Let’s get typical and do what everyone else is doing.

I will reflect on my 2018 year

Things I learned (about myself and life)

  • I deserve love without sacraficing myself for it
  • I am ok with being a double texter
  • I don’t have a lot of friends and that is ok
  • I don’t like going out because I am an introvert and that is ok
  • I like my own company the best
  • Its ok to not answer the phone when I don’t want to
  • It’s ok to cut family out of my life if they are disrepectful or a negative influence
  • I like pineapple juice again
  • I only like certain people’s kids and that doesnt mean I don’t like kids
  • I am almost ready to have kids of my own
  • Practing calligraphy is calming to me
  • I really like live comedy shows
  • I love my natural hair and natural hair is professional
  • I know what doors my masters degree with open for me
  • I am more familiar with my true professional goals
  • At work, being assertive is not being a bitch

Things I have accomplished

  • Went to two live comedy shows
  • Accomplished three bucket list items:
    • Essense Festival
    • Travelled to Louisanna
    • Went to a Beyonce concert
  • Made a new friend
  • Received the rarely awarded ‘excpetional’ review at work
  • Went on 4 dates
  • Reached 150 followers on my blog
  • Started an Instragram page and Youtube channel for my hair
  • Bought myself an Applewatch
  • Doubled my gym ‘check in’s’ from 2017
  • Cooked more

Things I struggled with

  • Got in a car accident and broke my wrist 😦 Made everything dfficult lol
  • Being single – Every once in a while I felt lonely and envious when my younger sister and her boyfriend spent time together
  • First half of the year- I was self conscious about wearing my natural hair at work
  • Being assertive at work – I work in an male dominated enviroment so being assertive was hard for me because I wanted to be ‘liked’ but not a push over
  • My weight- This has been a constant struggle since I graduated college. I have accepted that I will never be back to my highschool weight and size ( I am taller now with wider hips lol) but my goal in 2019 is to lose weight slowly an steadily


Overall, 2018 was a great year for me.

I look forward to more growth and prosperity in 2019. I hope to be more active on my blogs as well.

Letting Go

Why is this so hard to do?

Let go of this desire

Stop reaching for the phone

Stop grasping at minimal contact you make

You were actually never mine

Said as such aloud

So why can’t I let go ?

On the other hand though, you say I’m yours

I fall for the sweetest words

The fuzzy feeling

The hope it brings

How foolish of me

To still want your attention

Crave your company

Need your presence

Even when

I keep getting left on read

Keep getting the “next time”

Keep hearing the “sorry I didn’t answer on time”

So why can’t I let go?

What is my response to your excuses?

“It’s fine”



Why can’t I just move on from the obvious ?

Why can’t I let go?

I never understood the girls that fell for this before

Why go back

Why try so hard

There’s so many other people in the world for you

I ask myself these questions now

So why can’t I let go?

Am I that girl now ?

We Fell In Love In A Metaphor

The Lonely Author


We Fell In Love In A Metaphor


We met in a poem as poets often do
Cause our words opened poetic doors
As we slowly fell in love in a metaphor

This love has grown with every rhyme
As verses carry the pain and hope that
Our meters will stand the test of time

These red feelings will eclipse eternity
For long after we have turned to dust
Our love will live forever in our poetry.


This was for you N.

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on the corner of Love and Poetry

The Lonely Author



on the corner of Love And Poetry


I have journeyed through the great metropolis
Of her heartfelt poems and adoring words
Where shadows illuminate the lonely alleys
That lead to the core of her lonesome heart

A hushed community of boundless emotions
As the neighborhoods between her lonely lines 
Gently breathe life in the darkened avenues
That create the loveless gridlock in her soul

Word traffic flows within her poetic locales 
As smooth as her affections & graffiti rhymes
While her metaphors become my mass transit
Forever transporting me to gardens of desire

Walking the boulevards of her warm verses
I am convinced we were always meant to be
‘ver since we met under a bright street lamp
On the romantic corner of Love and Poetry


Photo taken from Google Images.

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